Converting text to human-voiced audio

Our Mission is to provide, upon request, free audio recorded versions of print material, which give persons with vision impairments or other disabilities access to lifelong learning choices.

How It Works

1 You Request

Submit a legal copy of the print material you would like audio-recorded. Contact Us to find out how!
Is your request already in audio format? Check the CELA site
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2 We Record

Our volunteers voice an audio recording that is personalized to your needs. We use real live voices, not computer‑generated synthetic voices.

3 You Receive

We provide you with an audio version of your requested print material. Our standard DAISY/MP3 format is made available on CD or as a digital file transfer.


How You Can Help

Please consider helping us to continue this important work. Donate Now – your tax‑deductible donation will help improve our services and enrich the lives of those who depend on them. Find out more about How You Can Help.